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Designer Spotlight: Helena Fredriksson

Posted on February 07 2017


Samantha and Lindsey had the pleasure of speaking with the creative, innovative designer behind H Fredriksson. She gave us some insight into how she started her career, how it evolved, and where she is now.

Helena moved from Sweden to come to the New York for art school. Her intention was to stay for a year and then move back to Spain or London but ultimately she ended up never leaving. “I fell in love with my future husband who I met on the train, and I fell in love with Williamsburg in Brooklyn, which is where I still live.”

She began her fashion career when she was just 19 years old, making her very own small collection before moving to New York.

“I bought a lot of vintage pieces when I was younger. I would buy jeans from the salvation army and deconstruct them to see how they were made.”I was curious and I felt like the options at the time, in the early 90s, was limited in terms of what was available. I didn't grow up with a huge budget, so I had to come up with my own stuff if I wanted something interesting to wear.”

Without even realizing, Helena’s organic way of designing led her into the direction of making sustainable products. When she first began, she bought fabrics from resellers, partly because they were less expensive but also because she felt like the fabrics had history and a story. Once she shot her first larger collection she had her first fashion show. “I was invited to do a fashion show with several other small designers in Williamsburg and got exposure. It grew little by little. There, these ten dresses sold, I needed to make ten more"

Helena has always found inspiration through travel, art, and nature. You can see through her choice of prints that nature is an influence. She loves to go to shows with her family and gain knowledge from that. “New York is the perfect place to go see so many shows”, she said.  

Looking towards the future, Helena hopes that the consumers will realize the importance of sustainability both in quality and fabrication but also in the making and manufacturing. Companies are focusing all on produce, produce, produce and selling cheaply. There is a layer of people who are very much aware of the problems facing the fashion industry, but it is definitely going to take time to reach the larger masses.

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